Character Classes

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These new character classes are an attempt to give the players classes that grow and develop over time, as well as making each class unique, special, and useful.

The Classes are divided in to two general categories; Savage and Civilized. Savage classes live and survive in the wilderness, are socially awkward and primitive, and don’t have access to some of the skills that the Civilized classes do. On the other hand, Civilized classes are limited in their skill selection, have few if any survival skills, and are not as generally tough as their Savage equivalents.

Fighters: Barbarian, Soldier
Rogue: Huntsman, Crook
Cleric: Shaman, Acolyte
Magic: Yokel, Sorcerer

Savage Classes:

Barbarian – The Barbarian is unmatched in the skills of the warrior. They lead a primitive and rugged lifestyle, making them stronger and tougher than anyone else.

Huntsman – Wilderness Scout, Mountain Man, Ranger; the Huntsman (or Huntswoman) has many names. They are master hunters of both monsters and animals.

Shaman – The Shaman serves as the priest or holy man of a barbarian tribe. They speak to the barbarian gods and the spirits of the dead. Their magic is usually of a dark and sometimes disgusting nature.

Yokel – The Yokel is at one with the natural world. More friend to animals than people, they live to protect the forests and tundra from both supernatural and man-made threats. Yokels are the masters of nature and elemental magic.

Civilized Classes:

Acolyte – The Acolyte is a Priest-in-training. Over time, the Acolyte will learn a variety of special abilities and powers.

Crook – A thief, but a well-meaning one. The Crook is good at stealing, but even better at talking his way out of a jam.

Soldier – A trained fighter with skill in using a variety of weapons and fighting styles.

Sorcerer – The Sorcerer is a learned and educated magic user. The Sorcerer uses wards, circles, and spells to cast a wide variety of magic.


Squire – the ultimate good guy, a character destined for greatness. Their training under a knight is complete; they are now traveling to the military academy at Larhold to further hone their skills.

Monk – Monks are pacifists and have a unique combat style dedicated to avoidance. They also have the greatest selection of skills to reflect their dedication to the pursuit of knowledge.

Gifted – The Gifted is a psychic who can choose either healing, sensing, or physical abilities which grow over time.

Starlet – The Starlet is a general term for a multitude of sub-classes whose goal is to become rich and famous.

Warrior – The Warrior has the choice of 3 styles of combat; Armed, Ranged, and Unarmed. Each style has advantages and disadvantages.

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Character Classes

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