Character Creation

To make a character, it’s a good thought to have an idea, no matter how vague, of what you want to be. Consult with the GM about the setting, useful skills, and available races.

Races The first step is to pick a race for your character. Each race description details how to roll up a character of that race. Each race has special abilities unique to that race. The description also gives a general outline of how that particular race is viewed within the world, and how they generally view others.

Character Classes The second step is choosing a Class. A class is simply a tool to focus your character’s skills and abilities. There are a variety of classes available, each with its own unique abilities and, in some cases, special powers.

Goals Every character needs goals. Here are guidelines on how to pick some.

Equipment The third step is buying equipment. Each class starts with no equipment, but an amount of starting cash to use to buy equipment. Essentially, your character starts out with some underwear and a bag of gold! The starting amount of money is purposely low, because were is the fun in starting out with cool stuff?

Religion Choosing a religion isn’t a neccesary step in character creation except for the Acolyte and Shaman. However, any character can choose to follow a religion, as the vast majority of people in this world do. On rare occasions, the gods may look favorably on their loyal followers.

Skills This is the master skill list. Consult with the Game Master about skills particularly suited to the campaign and/or your character.

Character Creation

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