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The Larhold city-state was founded by colonists from the Western Empire 300 years ago on top of the bones of an ancient (and long abandoned) elven city. The area used to be populated by hordes of orcs and ogres; but these tribes of barbarians have been pushed north, where they were presumably slaughtered by the wolfen. The “Free” city is free in that the constitution of the city-state is the highest law of the land. The people have no allegiance to any higher power, other than perhaps their gods. The city government is made up of two branches; the Diet, composed of representatives of all the guilds, and the Governor, an hereditary throw-back to the colonist’s Western Empire roots. The Diet is made up of one representative from every guild who represent the citizens of the city-state. This works fairly well since one must be a guild member in order to be a citizen. The Diet is the legislative body of Larhold and creates the laws.

Only the Governor can authorize the formation of a new guild, as well of the splitting apart or total destruction of an old guild. The Governor is also in charge of enforcing the laws; running both the local police force and the judiciary system. The Governor is under no obligation to enforce the laws of the Diet, but usually does. However, in recent years the Governor’s office has refused to enforce the law against the selling of slaves within the city limits. According to the law, it is legal to own slaves, but not to trade or sell them. The Governor feels differently and allows the Slave Master’s guild to continue importing and exporting slaves. This has caused frequent protest demonstrations against the ongoing slave trade, which the Governor also ignores as long as they aren’t violent.

Larhold does have a small military force to patrol the land outside the city. The “Home Guards” as they are called is made up of a small amount of volunteers, and many, many mercenaries.

Every industry and trade in the Free City (except for banking) is controlled by a guild, even theft and murder. Some notable guilds include;

Masters of Indentured Servitude: Runs the Slave Auction. Declining in power and money the last few decades, the SMG is in decline. Not because of a shortage of slaves, or a change in the attitudes of the free people, but because many of he other guilds have found that ‘free’, paid professionals are always better workers than slaves who are forced to work. Most sales of slaves are to galley captains (to man the oars) or foreign traders.

Assassin’s Guild: Established 250 years ago, the AG was created in part as a way to reduce the number of murders among the wealthy (by making it a more expensive and regulated proposition), and as a way to make money. Early in the history of Larhold, many of the founding families had become very wealthy. The also came to despise one another. After a decade of violent feuds that threatened to destroy the entire city, the Governor called for the establishment of a new guild. This new guild would establish standard prices (albeit very high prices) for the elimination of persons, carry out the executions of criminals, and work to prevent “unauthorized” killings and murders. Furthermore, the Assassin’s guild is under the control of the Governor’s office.

Unbreakable Brotherhood of Like-Minded Magi: The local magic guild. This guild owns and runs the College of Magic as well as a well stocked library. Benefits of membership in the guild include: All scrolls, potions, and common magic items are 20% off standard book prices. Inexpensive room and board: 10 gold per week in a dorm. Access to the library. The library contains no spells, circles wards, or other actual magic. What it does contain are books on the philosophies of magic, lore, history, religion, science, biology, physiology, herbology, monsters, animals, geography, famous persons, etc.

Representation. The guild will support members in terms of legal representation.

The city is in the shadow of Mount Loon-atik.

Fog blankets the city from sundown to sunrise.

Shops and Services in the city:

Weapons and Armor: Altan’s Swords and Blades: Dwarven smith. Prices are 3x book price. Ignatius the Swordsmith: Human smith. Average prices, only works with swords. Myser’s Armament Factory: Wolfen owned, orc worked. Mostly maces and polearms of average quality at best. Notable because the weapons are created in a revolutionary new way that Myser has called an “assembly line,” allowing the quick manufacture of weapons. Epellian’s Armor: Leather armor and shields of all types at 15% above-average price, but with 10% more SDC too. Hamis Armorer: Buys and sells used armor at 10% higher than average prices Gambar’s Awesome Armor: Kobold owned; new scaled, chain, and plate armor for sale. Carsins’s String Shop: bows, crossbows, and related items of all types are sold. Book price. Choakim’s Armory: new and used weapon and armor shop. Only place in town to buy giant-sized armor. Also specializes in exotic weaponry.

Magical Services: Imarcus the Wizard: Human Wizard for hire (level 6), and Agastis’ twin brother. Luminus the Spell Storer: sells talsimans and amulets. Will store a spell known to the buyer in any type of jewelry (level 1-3 500 gold, level 4-6 750 gold, level 7-10 1000 gold) Haventhal’s Golden Arms: magical weapons, no rune weapons. Average prices Gaius Krakus Potion’s of Renown: all magical potions, fumes and snuffs, as well as non-magical tobacco and other smoking herbs. Agastis, Diabolist: Human Diabolist for hire (level 5), and Imacus’ twin sister. Istanbu’s Visionary Volumes: Library. 10 gold to get in the door, and you can’t take a book with you. But the library contains books on virtually all subjects. The librarians are incredibly helpful in searching for topics. Open from dawn to dusk. The Witch’s Eye: owed by Shelbina, a coyle witch. Blind in one eye and missing patches of fur, she will tell the future for 25 gold, read objects for 10 gold, and sell Witch Bottles for 500 gold. Aggripionius, Circle Maker: Will not summon anything, but can make most Power Circles for a hefty fee. Protection Circles: 500 gold, Power Circles: 750 – 2000 gold.

City of Larhold

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