Cly's Alchemy Shoppe

Cly’s Alchemy Shoppe is a unique business in the world. It is apparently the worlds first international chain store!

Cly’s Alchemy Shoppes always adhere to the trade laws of the communities they do business in, and will not sell or trade any items that are illegal in those communities.

In addition, the Shoppe is often the major employer of the communities in which it resides. Employees always receive a discount at the Shoppe, and are always friendly and courteous. Elderly members of the community are often given jobs as greeters at the door; giving them a new lease on life as the elderly are often seen as useless and a burden on their families.

All items for sale at Cly’s are at least 15% cheaper than at the local shops. This is because Cly’s has somehow managed to find a way to mass produce everything they sell. In addition, nothing sold at Cly’s is manufactured locally. Everything is either shipped over land, or teleported by magic; usually by magic to prevent theft.

Great deals aside, items found at Cly’s are usually of a slightly inferior quality than those found at other craftsmen and smaller local shops, but the low prices drive business to Cly’s. This also has a tendency to drive the local shops and craftsmen out of business. Of course, Cly’s is happy to employ the unemployed locals as cashiers and stock persons.

One can purchase just about anything at Cly’s, from horse feed to furniture. Even mundane herbal medicines from around the world can be bought. Weapons and armor are also available at Cly’s. However, contrary to what the name implies, Cly’s does not sell or trade any magical items.

Cly's Alchemy Shoppe

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