Important Concepts


There is no “common” tongue; instead there are several different languages. Each character begins with a Native Language skill, and in some cases, a Native Literacy skill.

Language and Literacy are two different skills! If you have a language skill, it means you can speak and understand that language; not read and write it!

The following are the major languages of the world:

Faerie Speak: the language of the various faerie folk

Gobblely: the language of goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds, and some of the nastier faerie folk.

Northern: A trade language for the woodsman and trappers of the northern wilderness.

Southern: Major language of the human controlled south lands.

Western: Spoken in the Western Empire and the islands of the Inland Sea.

Troll: Spoken by trolls, giants, and many ogres.

Wolfen: Official language of the Wolfen Republic, also spoken by bearmen, coyles and kankoran.

Demongogian: The secret language of demons.

Devilspeak: The secret language of devils. although they can usually speak any language they want.

Dragonese: The closest thing to a universal language. Much like Latin on Earth, it is an all-but dead language used by all civilizations.

Hit Points:

When Hit Points are halved, the character must roll on the Critical Damage Table. When Hit Points are at Zero, the character must roll vs Coma/Death, or with failure being coma. When Hit Points are between -1 and their PE below Zero, the character has to roll vs coma/death. Failure is death. If the character takes damage beyond their PE below Zero, the character is automatically dead. Only magical resurrection can bring them back.

Important Concepts

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