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The following races are available because they are unique and flavorful and each has strengths and weaknesses

Coyle: Coyles are related to both Wolfen and Kankoran. If Wolfen are wolves, and Kankoran are foxes, then Coyles are coyotes; clever, opportunistic, and savage. Coyles roam the wilderness in huge hordes, raiding and plundering any communities in their path. The Wolfen republic has met with limited success in taming these hordes, and most people consider Coyles to be pests at best. Not all coyles are like this though, and by nature enjoy working as a part of a team.

Available Classes: Barbarian, Crook, Huntsman

Gnome: Cousins of the legendary Dwarves, gnomes are naturally proficient in magic and the art of making money. Clever and highly intelligent, Gnomes often end up being renowned mages or filthy rich merchants. Start with an additional 50 gold, in addition to whatever they receive from their class.

Available OCC’s: Acolyte, Crook, Sorcerer

Kankoran: Very little is known about the origins of the Kankoran, although it is rumored they were created by the Elves. As the oldest of the canine races, most Kankoran live quiet lives in the most remote areas of the northern wilds, surviving as nomadic huntsmen and trappers. The more adventurous Kankoran hire themselves out as wilderness guides and scouts. All Kankoran (whether they are aware of it or not) are considered automatic citizens of the Wolfen Republic by the government of that nation.

Available OCC’s: Barbarian, Huntsman, Shaman, Yokel

Kobold: While distantly related to goblins, Kobolds are larger, smarter, and held in much greater esteem by the other races of the world than their malicious cousins. Kobolds are subterranean creatures who are said to live in enormous cities deep underground. Kobold manufactured goods are among the best in quality in the world. While famous for being incredible weaponsmiths, Kobolds are even more well known for their savvy in making money. Kobolds start out with an additional 50 gold, in addition to whatever they receive from their class.

Available OCC’s: Acolyte, Crook, Sorcerer

Orc: Orcs tend to have a bad reputation. The other races consider them to be barbarous, savage, misanthropes; stupid, if not mentally retarded. However, Orcs can be just as heroic and honorable as anybody else; it’s just that they are usually stuck hanging out with Ogres and goblins. They are naturally incredibly strong and tough and loyal to their friends. The Humans in the south enslave Orcs for use as cheap labor or to fight in bloodsports, while the Wolfen have all but given up on trying to incorporate Orcs as citizens in their new nation.

Available OCC’s: Barbarian, Huntsman, Shaman

Wolfen: Wolfen are large canine-like humanoids who claim the Northern Wilderness as their own. If Kankoran could be called foxes, Coyles called Coyotes, then Wolfen are definitely wolves. Within the past 60 years, the once nomadic and barbarous Wolfen tribes have banded together and formed a relatively stable single government; a new system they call a Republic. Wolfen have the largest and most organized civilization in the Great Northern Wilderness, and one that rivals that human civilizations in the south. Magic is new to the wolfen, and while respected, is also feared. As the dominant race of the region, wolfen have the widest variety of classes to choose from.

Available OCC’s: Acolyte, Barbarian, Huntsman, Yokel, Shaman, Sorcerer

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Optional Races: DON’T BE A NITWIT. THESE ARE NOT PLAYABLE EXCEPT AS NPC’S. since they are way down here at the bottom of the page and are not mentioned at all up at the top, you would think a reasonable person would understand that. Perhaps it’s my fault for giving others the benefit of the doubt. But then again, some people exist only to be difficult.

Ashada: One of the archaic Dying Races who fought against the Old Ones. Ashada are bright, curious, and therefore prone to get themselves into trouble. They love being the center of attention and live to go on adventures and live the good life. They are equally at home in both cities and the wilderness. Ashada look vaguely like a humanoid cross between an Otter and a Flying Squirrel; they have the ability to glide on a membrane of skin stretched between their arms and torso; much like a flying squirrel.

Available OCC’s: Crook, Gifted, Starlet, Warrior

Hobgoblin: (OPTIONAL) Hobgoblins are slightly larger than goblins, with big floppy ears. They tend to be lazy, but are easily motivated if they see or hear about something they want. They work well in groups as long as they feel they are treated fairly and with respect. Hobgoblins major difference with goblins is that Hobgoblins are smarter, have a ridiculously high amount of Mental Endurance, and often become incredibly powerful Mind Mages.

Available OCC’s: Crook, Gifted, Yokel

Kaejor: (OPTIONAL) One of the archaic Dying Races who fought against the Old Ones. Kaejor are the oldest native race in the world, but most left for other planes after the Chaos War. While incredible fighters with no sense of pain, Kaejor cannot heal their wounds; thus they never regain Hit Points back from healing. To counter this, they rivet armor directly to their bodies. Many Kaejor have forsaken warfare altogether and live as scholars, others try to live as long as possible fighting for honor and glory, as Kaejor society is merit-based.

Available OCC’s: Barbarian, Monk, Warrior

Skage: (OPTIONAL) Skage were brought to this world by the Old One’s as slaves to fight in the Chaos War. Unfortunately for the Old Ones, the Skage quickly switched sides to the Alliance of Light. As the Skage are not adept at fighting, and aren’t vicious in the slightest, they were nearly annihilated in the war. It is believed that only a few thousand of these gentle folk survive to this day. Skage resemble smooth skinned humanoid amphibians with small heads, long necks, and long tails. They are eternal optimists and are known for never picking a fight. They will defend themselves and especially their children and eggs, though.

Available OCC’s: Monk, Sorcerer, Starlet, Yokel

Races and OCC availability:

Elves, and Dwarves are not playable races in this campaign. The reason for this is because I feel that they are overplayed and overused in fantasy settings. In a world with such a rich and colorful amount of different cultures and races, why include such mundane options like elves and dwarves?

Elves and Dwarves are considered to be dying races, whose empires and cultures have come and went. Both races tend to stay in racially exclusive communities near larger human settlements for protection against the so-called “monster” races. Because of the extreme cruelty towards all other races, and the use of slave-soldiers in the Elf-Dwarf War 5000 years before, nearly all other races in the world despise both elves and dwarves; exceptions being Wolfen and Kankoran who are known to be reverent towards elves, and Kobolds who have been allies with Dwarves for millennia.

Furthermore; the point of excluding elves and dwarves serves to force the players to create and play characters they are probably unfamiliar with. Every gamer who has played a fantasy game knows that elves are pretty, with pointy ears and like to use bows and short swords, and dwarves are short and gruff, with beards and battle axes. But how many fantasy gamers have looked through an Orc’s eyes? Or have even heard of an Ashada, or Kaejor, or Skage?

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