Just as with Races and Classes, religion is also segregated by Savage and Civilized. In this case, there are three major religions in the region.

(for savage characters only) The ancient gods from before written language, who fought and died against the Elder Gods during the Chaos War. The pantheon was much larger, but many of the gods have been forgotten over time. This pantheon is composed of the Wild Lords. The savages who still worship these gods are concerned with survival in the harshest environment on the planet. These gods are strong, vicious, and unrelenting.

(for savage or civilized characters) After the Chaos War, new gods from a land across the sea arrived. They helped purge the land of the hated giants and taught the people agriculture, which started the first towns and villages. They also taught the people boat building and fostered the idea of trade with other peoples. This pantheon is known as the Tuatha Dé Danann. These gods appeal to those in the borderlands in between the cities and the wilderness who live on farms and need protection from the beasts of the wilds.

(for civilized characters only) With the birth of established nations, large cities, and trade routes with other nations; ideas about urban living and civilized life grew. New Gods have arrived, with huge churchs and cathedrals dominating the cityscapes of the north. These are the Tal’ Palladia and they are growing in strength. These new (mostly) new gods project the city folks desires for justice, but also for money.


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