The Age of Chaos

The Age of Chaos begins at the creation of the universe and ends with the magically induced slumber of the Old Ones.

With rare exception, most scholars believe that the Old Ones created the universe, or at least, this particular universe, several million years ago. They treated this world as a child’s playset or sandbox; creating, destroying, and creating again.

To populate their creation, the Old Ones created life. Elves, Changelings, Titans, Trolls, Minotaur, and hundreds, if not thousands of other races were created and killed at the whim of the Old Ones.

But the Old Ones were still not content. They traveled to other universes in order to find new and different playthings to amuse themselves with. In their travels, they came across the dragons.

The dragons at first engaged with the Old Ones as equal partners, but soon were enslaved like all the rest.

Eventually, the slave-races of the Old Ones rebelled. With the help of a host of Angels and many gods from other dimensions, the Old Ones were put to sleep in a magical slumber. They could not be killed, because it was feared that their death would cause the collapse of the entire universe.

The evil beings who fought on the side of the Old Ones were either slain, or cursed and thrown into the Land of the Damned.

The Age of Chaos

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