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Attributes are rolled up as described for each race. Attributes tell you how smart, or strong, or attractive your character is. High attributes give a bonus or special ability; low attributes give penalties. Dice rolls are as listed, with no other “bonus” dice used.

Sometimes an “Attribute Check” may be necessary, in which case the goal is to roll under the Attribute in question with a D20. If the Attribute is over 20, a roll is still made and must be at or under 18 to succeed.

Intelligence (IQ): A high IQ provides a one-time skill bonus to all skills. Think of IQ as a way to gauge judgement.
Mental Endurance (ME): A high ME provides a bonus vs Psionics and Insanity/ Think of ME as a way to gauge determination and resolve.
Mental Affinity (MA): A high MA provides a bonus to Charm or Intimidate others
Physical Strength (PS): A high PS provides a bonus to hand to hand damage, and determines the characters load capacity and amount of weight they can lift and carry
Physical Prowess (PP): A high PP provides a bonus to strike and parry
Physical Endurance (PE): A high PE provides a bonus vs Magic and Poison/Drugs
Physical Beauty (PB):
Speed (Spd): A high Spd provides a bonus to dodge and roll with punch, fall, or impact.

NOTE: MA and PB bonuses are now different than what they are in the Main Rule Book.


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