Goals are really central to creating a character and having a good gaming experience.

For this game, each Player should make three goals for his character: short term, middle term, and long term. These should be presented to the Game Master so that he can take the character’s goals into account and incorporate them into the story.

Some examples:

Broderick, a Gnome Sorcerer, has come up with his 3 goals:
Short Term: learn new magic spells
Middle Term: get revenge on childhood bullies
Long Term: retire as a reknowned alchemist

Drool, an Orc Barbarian, has come up with his 3 goals:
Short Term: get a bigger axe
Middle Term: domesticate a mammoth to use as a riding animal
Long Term: Slay the dragon that is terrorizing the region

These goals, particularly short and middle term, can be changed due to circumstance at any time.

The point is to give the Player some goals to achieve, and at the same time give the GM more insight into what the Players want, in order to make the game easier and fun for everyone involved.


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