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Characters increase in ability and growth through a system of levels. All characters begin the game at level 1, and can potentially climb an unlimited number of levels (while possible, it is highly improbably to increase beyond level 15 due to the ridiculous amount of time needed to increase levels past that point).

So, what goes up when one increases in level?

First, Hit Points increase by 1D6. This goes on until the character reaches a certain age, in which case the Hit Points begin to decrease by 1D6. This happens near old age and the player-characters are unlikely to have characters that ever reach that old.

Hand to Hand Combat skills have a tiered system based on the characters level. At each tier, the character receives some sort of combat bonus or new combat ability.

At certain levels listed in the description of each OCC (Occupational Character Class), the character is able to learn 1 or more new skills.

Some OCC’s have special abilities that manifest themselves at different levels, such as the Yokel’s powers or the Acolyte’s Miracles, or the Barbarian’s Stigma.


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