The soldier has the widest range of weapon and combat skills, and is the only character capable of wearing heavy armor without penalty.

Bonuses: +10 Hit Points, +2 PE, +1 Initiative, +1 vs Horror Factor


Weapon Specialization: The soldier chooses 1 of his Weapon Proficiencies and recieves a special bonus for that particular WP. When using this type of weapon, the Soldier receives a bonus of +1 strike, +1 Parry, and 1 additional attack per round. The character can choose another Weapon Specialization in a different WP at level 5, and again at level 10.

Paired Weapons: The Soldier is trained in the use of using two weapons at once. One weapon always must be smaller and lighter than the other. Common Combinations include; Spear and Shield, Sword and Shield, Mace and Shield, Sword and Dagger, etc. This does not mean that the character is ambidextrous; the character receives the small penalty of -1 to strike and parry with the secondary weapon. The character can perform a Simultaneous Attack (attacking with both weapons at the same time) but uses 2 attacks and cannot parry his opponent’s next attack.

Class Skills:

The following 5 skills are universal to all characters regardless of class. They are already modified to reflect the classes strengths and weaknesses. If the character has an IQ attribute bonus, it can be added to the base percentage of the skills.

Native Language: 58% + 4% per level of experience
Horsemanship: 45% + 4% per level of experience
Basic Mathematics: 40% +4% per level of experience
Prowl: 40% + 4% per level of experience
Locate Secret Compartments/Doors: 35% +4% per level of experience

The following is the complete list of skills for the character. All skills have a base of 35% + IQ attribute bonus (if any) + class bonus. Skills advance at the rate of 4% per level of experience, starting at level 2. New skills must be learned by the character later.

Communications: Two additional languages, Literacy in one language of choice, Sign Language (+10%)
Domestic: (+5%)
Espionage: Detect Ambush, Detect Concealment/Traps, Intelligence, Track Humanoids (+10%)
Medical: First Aid (+5%)
Military: Camouflage, Field Armorer, Heraldry, Interrogation, Military Etiquette, Recognize Weapon Quality (+15%)
Physical: Hand to Hand Martial Arts, Athletics, Climbing, Forced March, Swimming, Wrestling (+5%)
Rogue: Concealment, Streetwise
Science: None
Scholar: General Repair, Lore: Demon, Lore: Monster, Lore: Humanoid (+10%)
Wilderness: Land Navigation (+5%)

Weapon Proficiencies: Choose 4 from the following list: Archery, Battleaxe, Blunt, Knife, Pole Arm, Shield, Siege Weapons, Spear, Staff, Sword, Targeting, Thrown Weapons

Money: 130 gold


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